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KVIS has been honoured to host the Kamnoetvidya Invitational Science Fair (KVIS-ISF) annually since 2017. This is a place to gather students and instructors who have strong passion in science and technology. Not only will participants share academic knowledge, but they will also exchange their inventions, scientific thoughts, and local traditions without the barriers of national boundaries and races.


Kamnoetvidya Science Academy, Thailand


Tuesday to Friday
29 January to 2 February 2024

Event Outline

On behalf of the 7th KVIS-ISF organizing team, we are pleased to welcome your school and students as participants in the KVIS Invitational Science Fair from 29 January to 2 February 2024, which will be held in Rayong, Thailand.

Each participating school is welcome to nominate one team consisting of the principal, two students, and one teacher. The student nominees must be current students in grade 10 to 12, between the age of 15-18, and each school is invited to present a maximum of one research project. This year at the 7th KVIS-ISF, we will focus on celebrating the 'Pioneers of Tomorrow', showcasing brilliant minds and innovative projects that promise to shape the future of science and technology.

To ensure that the fair will run smoothly, we would like all participants to closely follow the event outline as follows:

Program Details:


The 7th KVIS Invitational Science Fair will be held from 29 January to 2 February 2024.


Kamnoetvidya Science Academy, Wangchan, Rayong, Thailand, and surrounding areas.


The official language for this event is English.

The registration is now open on our website. Please complete the following forms by the date mentioned in the table below.

Submission dates and tentative schedule:

Due Date
Confirmation of Participation 22 September 2023
Participant Registration 17 November 2023
KVIS Student Registration M.6 only 17 November 2023
Abstract Submission 17 November 2023
Teacher Sharing 01 December 2023
Photos of participants and school landscape 15 December 2023
Presentation Slides and Research Paper Submission 20 December 2023
Scientific Activities, Recreation, and Excursion Please fill out individually 20 December 2023
Cultural Performance and Consent Letter 20 December 2023
Transportation Detail 20 December 2023

1. Abstract

The research abstract of the student’s project (350 words) must be submitted and follow the below format:

  • Title: Calibri, Bold, 14-point
  • Authors list: Calibri, Bold, 11-point
  • School name, COUNTRY: Calibri 11-point
  • Supervisor: Calibri 11-point
  • Email: Calibri 11-point, and onlyone corresponding author's email address
  • Abstract: Calibri 10-point, text-justify (no more than 350 words)
  • Keywords: Calibri 10-point (no more than 6 words)

2. Oral and Poster Presentation

Presentation categories

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Computer Science

   Poster and oral presentation guidelines

2.1 Oral Presentation duration: Each project is allocated 8 minutes for presentation, and 5 minutes for Q & A with the juries and audience. Please be well prepared and strictly follow your allotted time. A moderator may interrupt if the presentation is found to be ill-prepared or goes overtime.

2.2 Presentation Slides: All presenters should submit their slides to the organizer in advance, no later than 20th December 2023. In case of any slide updates before the presentation, presenters can re-upload their slides with the organizer on 30th January 2024 from 7:30 – 8:30 hr.

2.3 Research Paper: The research paper should be submitted accordingly. The format of the research paper is as follows:

- PDF document
- 1.5 line spacing
- 11-point Calibri font
- Maximum 4 pages (inclusive of abstract, appendices, citations, and references)

2.4 Poster Presentation duration: Each project is allocated 4 minutes for presentation, and 3 minutes for Q & A with the juries. Please be well prepared and strictly follow your allotted time. A moderator may interrupt if the presentation is found to be ill-prepared or goes overtime.

2.5 Poster Dimensions: The usable area of poster boards is 850 x 1200 mm (W x L). The maximum recommended size is the standard A0 size (841 x 1189 mm). A minimum size of 500 x 707 mm is recommended to ensure readability by all attendees. The face of the poster board will be covered with a plastic sheet. Sticky tape will be provided for setting up posters.

2.6 Display Table Dimensions: Please inform our team if you require a table to display your product. A table for product displays will be provided with a usable area of 650 x 450 mm (W x L). The size of product display is limited by the table dimensions. The height of any product display should not exceed 300 mm.

2.7 Display Product Regulations: The following display products are not allowed: -

  • Live or preserved organisms.
  • Taxidermy specimens or parts.
  • Human or animal food.
  • Human or animal parts, body fluids and secretions (examples: blood, urine, feces, and saliva).
  • All hazardous chemicals or dangerous items (examples: poisons, toxins, drugs, compressed gas, radioactive materials, strong acids, aerosols, volatile chemicals, weapons, ammunition, reloaders, and lasers).
  • Items that may contain or have been in contact with hazardous chemicals.
  • Soil, sand, rock, cement, and waste samples.
  • Items with sharp edges or points capable of injuring a person or causing harm by penetration (examples: syringes, needles, pipettes, and knives).
  • Flames or flammable materials (including magnified light sources). A Fresnel Lens cannot be used in conjunction with a light source, as it becomes an open flame.
  • Wet-cell batteries.

3. Scientific Activities

Check-in Check-in Check-in

4. Excursion


5. Cultural Fair


6. Recreational Activites


7. Teacher Sharing

We would greatly appreciate it if you could consider nominating a teacher from your school to deliver a 10-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. This specific session will focus on the topic of "Teaching Scientific Research To High School Students" We will be in direct contact with the selected teachers via their provided email addresses to discuss further details of the session.

8. Contact Persons

If you have further enquiries, please contact Ms. Phatthamon Saenmuk and Ms. Namfar Boonkor (International Affairs Team) by emailing at

Please follow updates at www.kvis.ac.th which will be posted soon.


the 7th KVIS Invitational Science Fair


Arrival, Registration, and Check in

Meet Buddies

Thai snacks and Dinner

• Poster thai snack
Meet Buddies

Ice-Breaking Activity

Preparation for Presentation

Briefing for the ISF 2024


Opening Ceremony

Late Registration

Poster Presentation

Gather in Thongchai Chewprecha Auditorium

Welcome Dinner

Oral Presentation

Cultural Fair

• Cultural Fair

Scientific Activities

Teachers (Optional)


Scientific Activities

Principal (Optional)


Teacher Sharing



Round Table

Morning Coffee Talk and Excursion


Excursion Briefing

Closing Ceremony

Preparation for Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

Farewell Party

Cultural Performances and Farewell Party



Last Updated: 24 January 2024

Introduction to the 7th KVIS-ISF

Text by Papangkorn Phongchamnaphai and Anon Lucklertkul

   The KVIS Invitational Science Fair, also known as KVIS-ISF, is an event that assembles high school students from all around the globe who are passionate about the field of STEM to be able to share their knowledge and thoughts and create cultural bonds and friendships internationally. This event began in 2018, the 1st KVIS-ISF; for the current year of 2024, it has reached its seventh time. This event, hosted annually at the beautiful campus of Kamnoetvidya Science Academy, has been greatly successful over the past years and has provided every student, teacher, and researcher a chance to present their various ideas across the borders of their country, create new experiences, and friendships, and influence the exchange of ideas and discussions of the subject’s field that might lead to an innovative solution to problems around the world.

   You might be wondering what might await you at the event. Will you learn new things? Make new friends? Will you get to have fun? Play games? Experience different cultures? Needless to say, the KVIS-ISF allows you to do all of the activities above. We have a purely academic section for participants looking to learn and improve their skills and knowledge in the fields of STEM, encouraging them to discuss and exchange, preparing participants to become future innovators or “the pioneers of tomorrow.” But not only that. Participants will get to enjoy themselves with a plethora of activities. Indulge yourself with various games, performances, and food, and we might as well mention that there will be an excursion outside the school! All this while also getting to create new connections with other participants overseas. It seems like something that you can’t miss.

   In total, over 20 schools worldwide will be joining this incredible event and will be showcasing numerous STEM-related projects. And if you still haven’t a clear idea of what this is, follow Dora and her friends, Boots, and Map with the mysterious invitation letter to the land of KVIS-ISF in the video above. We hope this event will create unforgettable experiences for all of us to share, and we’d like to extend our warmest welcomes to all attending this year. We can't wait to see you all at the 7th KVIS-ISF!

Embracing Culture and Diversity

Text by Anon Lucklertkul

   The first day of the 7th KVIS Invitational Science Fair welcomes all our guests to our school in Rayong, Thailand. Participants from around the world registered and checked in to our beautiful campus, filled with magnificent and calming nature. This year, we welcomed participants from 25 schools in more than 10 countries, emphasizing a sense of international community of young science students.

   During the morning and afternoon sessions, participants could enjoy themselves exploring different areas of our school. The evening event, scheduled from around 16:30 to 18:00, featured Thai snacks and dinner at the Atrium. This provided a platform for participants to introduce themselves, share experiences, and forge new friendships, all while experiencing a wide variety of delicious Thai cultural snacks and dishes.

   Following dinner, participants engaged in the Ice-Breaking activity, where everyone had a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another better and, most importantly, have fun! The day concluded with a briefing on the overall program, event schedule, and important regulations for all the participants during this exciting science fair. Afterward, everyone retired to rest, preparing for the crucial presentations of their projects in the day to come.

Opening Ceremony and Poster Presentation

Text by Papangkorn Phongchamnaphai

   After a brief respite, we kicked off the second day of the 7th KVIS Invitational Science Fair with the official opening ceremony at the auditorium. Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, the chairman of the KVIS governing board, opened this esteemed event and delivered an opening speech. Then, Mr. Pannathut Chitpakdee, the KVIS student representative, gave another speech on behalf of the students at KVIS, focusing on this year’s theme “Pioneers of Tomorrow” and its relevance to scientific research and exploration. The ceremony also featured opening performances to convey a warm welcome to all participants.

   This year’s KVIS-ISF operates under the theme of “Pioneers of Tomorrow,” emphasizing the potential of each participant as a future scientists and innovator. The theme encourages them to shape the future through their scientific pursuits, urging them to think beyond the present and contribute to a brighter and better world for us all.

   We were honored to have Prof. Dr. Suttichai Assabumrungrat from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Chulalongkorn University, deliver a keynote lecture on biorefineries and their role in achieving a net zero target. We were incredibly grateful for his presence and delighted to have him share and expand our participants’ knowledge in the scientific field.

   In the afternoon, we held a poster presentation event for participants to highlight their research in STEM. The posters were set up in the ARC, our library on the third floor. The presentation included research from all the scientific domains: biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, materials science, physics, and engineering. This served as an excellent opportunity for participants interested in specific fields to engage in discussions, exchange experiences, and learn more about assorted topics of their preference.

   Adding a touch of warmth, we hosted a welcome dinner to welcome our dedicated peers who had traveled from various provinces of Thailand as well as from overseas. We hoped that everyone seized the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, share laughter, and foster connections amidst the beautiful campus of KVIS.

Cultural Fair and Oral Presentations

Text by Nichanard Thavornpanich

   On January 31st, there were several intriguing activities taking place at the 7th KVIS-ISF. The event featured a cultural air - a brand-new activity celebrating the diversity of cultures and traditions from all participating countries. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to present their work through oral presentations, offering an excellent venue for gaining widespread recognition. So, let's get into the specifics of these activities, starting with the cultural fair.

   For the first time in KVIS-ISF history, the 7th KVIS-ISF hosted the cultural fair, a cultural activity which focuses on promoting cross-cultural understanding and strong relationships between teachers and students from different countries. The fair served a small stage where students could showcase their performances, traditional attire, handicrafts, food, and local goods. Engaged as both presenters and visitors, participants could explore a wide range of cultural booths that offered vibrant and informative presentations of cultural diversity.

   The activities were organized into two rounds. In the first round, the green team took the role of tourists, exploring and asking questions, while the purple team presented their cultures and traditions. The roles were then swapped, allowing both sides to exchange information while exploring each other’s cultures. The cultural fair proved to be a fantastic event that perfectly combined cheerful, unforgettable, and fascinating facts about each country with cultural exchanges.

   Another noteworthy event on the same day was the oral presentation. Students had a great opportunity to present their scientific studies and findings to a larger, international audience. In addition to scientific capabilities, the 7th KVIS-ISF allowed participants to strengthen critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking and presenting, and project management skills through oral presentations. During the session, participants discussed and presented their work, addressing queries from both judges and the audience.

   The KVIS Invitational Science Fair encompasses the following scientific domains: biology, chemistry, computer science, materials science, physics, mathematics, and engineering. Attendees who wished to enhance their scientific and mathematical understanding could take advantage of exploring a variety of scientific research in diverse fields.

   All in all, the oral presentation and research showcase served as excellent venues for forming scientific concepts, igniting creativity, and unveiling the global issues underlying the purpose of the scientific studies presented.

Scientific Workshops and Recreational Activities

Text by Warinthip Suwanratsamee

   Today marked the penultimate day of the 7th KVIS-ISF, and participants were actively engaged in scientific activities, offering them dynamic learning experiences. The lineup included the Arm Robot workshop, Robotic & A.I. activity, and Tower Earthquake.

   In the Arm Robot workshop, students delved into hands-on robotics, designing and crafting their very own arm robot. Robotic & A.I. activity propelled participants into the realm of artificial intelligence, exploring the intersection of innovation and problem-solving. Meanwhile, the Tower Earthquake provided practical skills and insights into structural stability and design through seismic exploration. Participants had a unique opportunity to construct an earthquake-resistant stick tower and put them to the test!

   With the enthusiasm of all attendees, these activities successfully showcased the limitless possibilities of science and creativity. They fostered a sense of collaboration and community among these promising young students, bringing all participants together through engaging and interactive scientific projects.

   As students enjoyed scientific workshops, teachers from participating schools dedicated their time to sharing ideas, resources, and techniques during the Teacher Sharing session. The goal is to foster academic dialogue among educational practitioners, expanding the possibilities and effectiveness of teaching STEM in a high school context.

   In the evening, KVIS-ISF participants deepened their connections through a series of enjoyable and relaxing activities. With over 10 diverse options available, such as Bird Watching, Kayaking Adventure, Thai Tapestry Totes, and many more, these recreational activities provided a perfect opportunity for them to unwind, share experiences, and forge lasting bonds beyond their common interest in science.

A Colorful Finale: A Farewell to the 7th KVIS-ISF

Text by Warinthip Suwanratsamee

   On the last day of the 7th KVIS-ISF, participants embarked on an exciting excursion to Nongnooch Tropical Garden in Rayong. There, participants found themselves immersed in a day of creativity and exploration. The day kicked off with a burst of colors as participants gathered for flowerpot painting, Thai dessert making, and a clay pottery workshop. Following these activities, the excursion provided a liberating free exploration time. Participants roamed the garden at their own pace and enjoyed lunch together at Rimbueng Restaurant.

   Though every party must come to an end, all the moments we shared will always stay in our precious memories. KVIS-ISF 2024 had reached its final session. The closing ceremony started with a compilation video highlighting the memorable moments throughout the event. Then, the award ceremony for oral presentation featured more than 70 awards, including Best Presentation and Best Project awards in each of the 8 categories. The final, most prestigious award is the PTT award, chosen from the best project winners across all categories.

   Following the award ceremony, a speech of appreciation was given in a closing speech by KVIS school principal, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong. Thus, the curtain fell, ending the long journey of the 7th KVIS-ISF.

   The Cultural Performances and Farewell Party then began, offering participants a special dinner with Thai cuisine and traditional snacks. Meanwhile, they were treated to captivating, cultural performances from various countries. Next up was the final performance— the KVIS concert— an energetic show that may make participants forget how to sit still, concluding the weeklong fair filled with precious memories.

   We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to every school and participant from around the world who contributed to the success of the 7th KVIS-ISF. Your enthusiasm and commitment have truly made this event memorable. Thank you for being an integral part of this remarkable journey. Until we meet again!

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Kamnoetvidya Science Academy, Thailand

Kamnoetvidya Science Academy as the venue for ISF 2024 Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (KVIS) was founded in 2013 with the vision of being a leading science high school promoting wisdom, research, and technology for the nation’s sustainable development. The name Kamnoetvidya, which means “the genesis of knowledge,” was bestowed on the school by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. KVIS is financially supported by the Power of Innovation Foundation with an endowment fund provided by the PTT Group of Companies. The school is situated in Wang Chan Valley, PTT Group Research and Education Park, along with Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC); Wang Chan Forest Learning Center; and the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi) project.
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